Compersion: the ability for one person to take pleasure in another person experiencing pleasure.
“Sarah felt compersion when she heard that Greg’s date with Amanda went so well.”

Couple’s Privilege: The emotional advantage that existing married or established couples may have over new partners in the relationship.

Monogamy: a relationship style limited to two people who are emotionally and sexually exclusive to each other.

Mononormative:  beliefs and behaviors that monogamy is normal and natural and every other relationship style is an aberration.
“We are immersed in a mononormative culture that expects us to find the one and only and to settle down happily married and have kids.”

Polyamory: a relationship style that is based on the primary emotional connection with other people and is not limited to two people.

Polycule: a polyamorous relationship structure that is made up of multiple Va, triad and partner formations resembling a chemical molecule in shape.

Triad: refers to a polyamorous relationship comprised of 3 individuals. A closed triad means that members inside of this relationship date only date each other. An open triad means members of the relationships are free to date outside of the primary relationship.

Unicorn: A single usually bisexual woman who is available for dating with a primary couple usually in a subservient role to the primary couple. So named because of her magical, and rare existence.

Unicorn hunters: An established (usually married) couple who are exclusively looking for a single, attractive, usually bi woman (the unicorn) to for a superficial relationship where she is seen as supplementary to the primary relationships. Often criticised due to the primary couple seeking a partner for a sexual relationship rather than an emotional one, with the primary couple using Polyamory as a rationalisation for their preference. This is usually seen as a derogatory term in Poly communities.

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